About us

North Glade Montessori a new generation Montessori Children’s Academy, identify how crucial it is to enable students in their educational process. At a very early age, children have a natural desire to learn and build themselves. We respect, cultivate, and nurture that desire through a specially prepared environment that meets the growth, rational, emotional, and social needs of each age group. As Montessori teachers, we design part of an equilateral triangle comprised of the students, the teacher, and the environment. We trust that when students are allowed to analyze and build their knowledge that the results are better concentration and stronger mastery of skills.

Our Programs

Infants programs for children starts at eight weeks old

Our teachers know the significance of developing a trust-filled relationship with our infants. As our teachers calm and nurture children they help them in building a sense of confidence by replying quickly and suitably to their natural cues.

Toddlers program ages from 1.5 years old to 2.5 years old

Initially, as the child starts to walk, run, and jump, our teachers examine and analyze their interactions with the environment, materials, and each other.

Young students program ages must be 2.5 years old at the time of admission.

Similarly, at this age child grows in a safe and comfortable environment they are more open to get chances and be more independent. Autonomous become obvious for this age. At this stage, they discover things for themselves such as eating, washing hands, dressing, and learning to use the toilet.

Preschool programs students 3.5 years of age at the time of admission.

By the time their verbal language becomes a powerful tool, they use to speak for themselves. Since they start to great understand a daily flow and other’s routine.

Kindergarten 5 years old

Notably, at this age, the child becomes more engaged when planning, discussing and analyzing problems from different points of views as well as their observation.

First Grade student must be six years old

Lastly, in this stage the students continue to learn, evolving new skills and exploring new ideas. Causing an attitude of awe to the interdependence of the natural world.

North Glade Montessori education offers:

A smart, integrated spiral curriculum that adds extent to the student’s understanding.

Multi-age groupings to promote and build relationships with the same age and adults.

Academic instruction built to boost each student’s potential.

Home-like environment to promote a sense of belonging.

Same age meditation and discord resolution

Social and emotional skill building

Preparation for life

Moreover, part of the school program is gardening. Our school offers this program for toddlers, Preschool, and elementary aged children. The students will have a half day program as well as a full-day program available. The schools care for this devoted plot of ground where moments for growth, exploration and a close look at nature allow.

Schools Mission Statement

At North Glade Montessori is to be a school completely dedicated to being a community of life-long learners that represents the principles of Montessori education, to be a family-centered school that earnestly involves families in the education of their children, and to be a school that praises and honors the cultural and ethnic diversity of the society.

Montessori Philosophy

Importantly, North Glade Montessori entirely centered allowing the child high-quality environment that comes only second to their home. The same with their home, where there will be a great amount of love, respect, and care for their community. Considering each child with love and respect allows the child to trust their teachers. This relationship is the foundation of the learning process.